Snoqualmie Tunnel Bike Ride

Are you ready to plan your next biking adventure?  The Snoqualmie Tunnel opens for the summer season in May.  You can enjoy the Snoqualmie Tunnel in two ways – on a Compass Outdoor Adventures group adventure or ride through the Snoqualmie Tunnel on your own. 

The Compass Outdoor Adventures Snoqualmie Tunnel Bike Ride Adventure will soon be open for registration so sign up now! This stunning bike journey will start at Rattlesnake lake where you will catch a shuttle with your bike to Snoqualmie Pass and begin your biking adventure back down to Rattlesnake Lake. You will bike along the twenty mile stretch of the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail. Previously known as the John Wayne Pioneer Trail.  Included in this stretch of biking you will be riding through a two-mile-long dark tunnel that was once a train tunnel. The tunnel is approximately two miles long and very dark so pack your headlamp, you’ll need it! This bike adventure includes breathtaking views like the Cascade Mountains and Waterfalls. Bring your camera you’ll want to take some pictures. Upon reaching the end of the bike ride you will then meet at Rattlesnake lake for lunch. Rattlesnake lake has beautiful views of the Mountains and lake along with its history of once being a town you won’t be disappointed.  In all the Snoqualmie Tunnel Bike Ride will be about two hours long and absolutely worth the trip. So, bring your family out for a fun and scenic day out on the Cascade Trail. Book now for your May or June adventure!!

            To bike through the Snoqualmie Tunnel on your own you can start at the Hyak trailhead for a shorter ride, approximately five miles long or you can start at Olallie state park for a longer ride approximately thirteen miles long. Both routes offer parking at the trailhead, scenic views of the Snoqualmie Valley, picnic tables at the end of the tunnel and gorgeous views of the Cascade Mountains.

Credit: Photo by @osama_alshamrani on Instagram.

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