Keekwulee Falls Hike

Keekwulee Falls is a beautiful three-tiered waterfall that you can reach from Denny Creek along the Denny Creek Melakwa Lakes trail.

This almost four-mile round trip hike provides a beautiful trail and gorgeous views. Some have even reported seeing mountain goats on their hike!

While you will see many waterfalls via Denny Creek, Keekwulee is the prime attraction.  Upper Keekwulee falls drops twenty-nine feet into a small swimming hole that many like to jump into. The falls then splits into three channels before falling one hundred and forty-two feet into the deeper part of the canyon seen from above. Keekwulee Falls is an absolutely breath-taking waterfall and is great place to spend the afternoon enjoying nature.  The best photos are afternoon when the sun is on the Falls.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to spend a beautiful spring day hiking to one the most stunning waterfalls in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

A little history on Keekwulee Falls – It was named after a group of Mountaineers in 1916 and Keekwulee is a Chinook Jargon word meaning “to fall down”.

Denny Creek was named after the Denny family who were Seattle Pioneers.

Credit: Photo by @spirithiker on Instagram.


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