Olallie State Park

Instagram photo of Twin Falls by @caro_french (Caroline French).

Olallie State Park is over 2,000 acres of day activities including rock climbing, biking, hiking, and fishing!  You can even reach the Palouse to Cascades Trail from Olallie.

Over eight miles are mountain biking trails/mixed use trails, six miles of hiking trails, several different locations for rock climbing, fishing areas, and bird watching areas with lots of wildlife!

Along with these amazing outdoor activities Olallie State Park has some beautiful waterfalls including Twin Falls (3 cascades), Weeks Falls, and several other cascading waterfalls.  Weeks Falls and several other Cascading waterfalls.  Twin Falls is the most well-known waterfall, standing at a total of 135 feet high, it is a true beauty!  If you are a Twin Peaks fan, you’ll also recognize the filming locations for Jack Rabbit’s Palace, Deer Meadow Mountain, and others at the Ranger Station and along the Weeks Falls Trail!  Kayaking is allowed at your own risk downstream from Twin Falls only.  

With everything Olallie State Park has to offer, you’ll want to spend the whole day here. So, make sure to pack plenty of water and some snacks and enjoy one of the many picnic areas offered and the views. We are truly lucky to live in such a beautiful area!

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