Preston Snoqualmie Trail

Instagram photo by Nadya Klimenko @n_klimenko12

Preston Snoqualmie Trail is a 5.6-mile one-way trail that can be hiked or biked in two parts with several amazing viewpoints!

This mostly flat and paved trail is a rail to trail path that connects Preston and Snoqualmie.  This trail can be hiked, biked or open to equestrians!

It offers amazing views of the Snoqualmie River, and a viewpoint of Snoqualmie Falls with Mount Si at the backdrop! What a stunning and breathtaking view, especially in the fall and winter months when there are no leaves on the trees!

Since this trail can be hiked in two parts, if you start at the Preston Trail you’ll be greeted with rich flora and gorgeous evergreens and cedar. Shortly after starting from here you’ll have a lovely view of the Raging River Ravine and the Raging River Natural area that offers wildlife corridors for many animals and a bird sanctuary! How amazing!!

Once you reach the Preston Fall City road, you’ll begin the second part of the trail that offers benches and a paved pathway to the Snoqualmie Falls overlook. Although the view is from a distance it is still a stunning one when not blocked by summer leaves!

The Preston Snoqualmie Trail offers many beautiful views and landmarks of the Snoqualmie Valley.  You’ll want to experience it for yourself, so plan your hike, biking adventure or bring your horse out for day in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Please always check with local Ranger Stations for trail access and/or Washington Trail Association.  And make sure to continue practicing social distancing and avoid crowded areas so we can all continue to enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

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