Franklin Falls – opened May 22nd

Feature Instagram photo Franklin Falls by @laureninthepnw

Franklin Falls is located about eighteen miles east of North Bend on the south fork of the Snoqualmie River and has recently reopened for hiking only.  No camping permitted yet.

Franklin Falls is an easy three-mile round-trip hike surrounded by beautiful scenery, offering a canopy like tree line that offers plenty of shade on those hot spring and summer days. Once you’ve hiked about one mile in the Falls will be visible and you can even enjoy the splash pool below the falls.

Franklin Falls is made up of three tiers totaling 135 feet tall. But, only the last drop of the falls can be seen from the trail. Franklin Falls hike also offers picnicking areas where you can take a few moments to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Although Franklin Falls is a gorgeous hike year-round the best flow time for the Falls is between April and July and in the fall or winter, you may even see icicles forming along the rocks!

Franklin Falls is the first of three major waterfalls, followed by Twin Falls that also stands at 135 feet, and Weeks Falls. So, make sure to check out these beautiful waterfalls also!

Please check with local Ranger Station for more update to date information on hiking in the Snoqualmie Valley, continue to social distance and enjoy your hike!!

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