About North Bend Escapes

Mount Si and North Bend
Mount Si and North Bend

North Bend Escapes is a service owned by Gemstone Property Management LLC.  We are a group of local owners in the Snoqualmie Valley east of Seattle, Washington who manage our properties as vacation rentals.  Foremost, we take pride in offering welcoming inviting homes which make our guests feel relaxed, happy, and comfortable during their getaway or vacation.   We are also local experts who enjoy sharing our knowledge of the local area and its beauty with our guests.  Our homes are better and cheaper than most hotels.  They are in immaculate condition and cleaned to a sparkling level after each guest.  All of our lodging comes equipped with a private hot tub cleaned daily for your enjoyment and relaxation after a long day of travel, outdoor activity, or exploring the area.  

We are a growing enterprise.  Our current list of vacation rental homes in downtown North Bend, Washington which are listed on several sites is:

  • Moon River Suites (5 total)
  • North Bend Downtown Cottage
  • North Bend Downtown Suite

The Snoqualmie Valley

Mount Si and cows at Meadowbrook Farm
Mount Si and cows at Meadowbrook Farm

The three forks (North, Middle, and South) of the Snoqualmie River begin along the Pacific Crest of the Cascade Mountains of Washington State just East of Seattle.  The South Fork originates at Snoqualmie Pass and follows the Interstate 90 corridor down to North Bend, the first town encountered on the west side of the Pass.  The Middle Fork originates in Dutch Miller Gap in the middle of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.  It’s one of the only rivers in Western Washington which is in its pristine state flowing through forests, mountains, and meadows until it reaches North Bend. 

All forks flow generally westward through some of the most beautiful lush forests in the Pacific Northwest over several waterfalls until they join at the Three Forks Park in Snoqualmie.  From there, the Snoqualmie River flows over the magnificent Snoqualmie Falls and down through a rich farming region until it joins the Skykomish River at Monroe.  At this point the river is known as the Snohomish River for a short distance before flowing into Puget Sound above Everett, Washington.

Towns in the Snoqualmie Valley include Tanner, North Bend, Snoqualmie, Fall City, Carnation, Duvall, and Monroe.  The area above Snoqualmie Falls is known as the “upper valley” and below the falls as the “lower valley”.  The Snoqualmie Valley School District is one of the largest in Washington State, encompassing the entire Snoqualmie watershed from Snoqualmie Pass and the Pacific Crest down to Fall City. 

The northbendescapes.com website provides a wealth of information on the things to do and places to see in the wondrous Snoqualmie Valley that we call home.  Only 30 miles from Seattle and 20 miles from the Pacific Crest, you can do everything while relaxing right here.

Snoqualmie is a word in the local native American language which means “Moon River” (“Snoqual” = “Moon”, “Mie” = “River”.  This is why many of the homes we offer have “Moon” in their name.  

About Us

Moon River Suite 1 Elegant Living Room
Moon River Suite 1 Elegant Living Room

Our founder and host Rick Arons has lived in the Snoqualmie Valley for over 20 years and knows it well. Our first vacation rental lodging was the North Bend Downtown Suite which opened in August, 2018. A year later in August, 2019, we opened the Moon River Suites. The North Bend Downtown Cottage opened in January, 2020. Moon Valley Retreat is due open in Spring/Summer 2020. 

We are very careful to remodel each of our properties to provide a lasting infrastructure so that our guests will not encounter issues during their stay. Our stringent cleaning, inspection, and maintenance procedures keep our already “like new” homes in tip top shape and super clean.  

North Bend Escapes Guest Memories

Suite 5 Master Bedroom with Balcony overlooking River and Park
Suite 5 Master Bedroom with Balcony overlooking River and Park

Here are some memories of their stay that our guests have taken home with them:

  • clean
  • convenient
  • beautiful decorations
  • hot tub
  • big puffy warm duvet
  • comfortable furnishings
  • classy touches
  • invitations to have fun
  • playing records on the turntable
  • streaming on the big flat screen TV
  • gorgeous setting next to river
  • thoughtful touches and attention to detail
  • hands down better amenities than the Westin Bellevue
  • plenty of cookware
  • exquisitely curated
  • feels like a high end hotel

Your Host Rick Arons

Hi, I’m Rick Arons, your host for North Bend Escapes.  I love the Snoqualmie Valley area and have lived here for over 20 years.  I am a super host with AirBnb and love to share my love of this area with guests.  I enjoy running, hiking, skiing, and biking throughout the amazing wilderness areas around North Bend. I also really enjoy great food.  I have assembled a comprehensive set of information on all my favorite places to go and things to do in this area and captured it in this website northbendescapes.com.  It’s my personal opinion on the best the Valley has to offer!  If there’s anything here that captures your fancy and you need more information than this site provides, just contact me and I’ll get it for you. 

Your Host Rick Arons
Your Host Rick Arons

My vacation rentals are designed to allow privacy, rest, and a nice kitchen so my guests can recharge at night from all the activities around North Bend. I’m also somewhat of a clean freak. I do not like going to hotel rooms that have not been cleaned completely. My vacation rentals meet my standard that every sheet, blanket pillow case, hot tub, etc is cleaned after every guest.

North Bend Downtown Cottage
North Bend Downtown Cottage

North Bend Escapes Contact Information

Click the chat button on the lower right to ask us your questions.  

Here is my contact information.  If you have any questions regarding the area, our properties or availability please contact us.  You have the choice of online chat (icon at the lower right hand corner of your screen), phone, or email.  We are here to help!

Address:  419 Main Ave S, Suite 1, North Bend WA 98045       

Phone Number: 206-486-0731       

Email: rick@northbendescapes.com