EJ Roberts Park


EJ Roberts Park is a local 4.9-acre park that is located northeast of downtown North Bend in a quiet residential area. The park is named for the person who donated the land for the park.  The park’s amenities include two tennis courts, a basketball court, playground facilities, restrooms, paved pathways, and landscaping. Furthermore, the park is a perfect combination of an open field adequate shade, and a walking path. 

Twin Peaks - Carl's Bench

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 6 Carl's Bench
Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 6 Carl's Bench

In Twin Peaks Series 3 (2017), there is a bench seen in the 6th episode where Carl Rodd is sitting smoking a cigarette, drinking coffee, and watching the world around him just before the car accident.  He sees a Mother and son playing along the footpath in front of him and laughs at the pure joy of it all. 

This bench is located in EJ Roberts Park and has a great view of Mount Si in the background.  There are multiple red park benches but it is pretty easy to find the right one.  The bench that was used is the only one that has two slats on the back rest. Every other bench only has one slat on the back rest.  The foot path that the mother and son play on is straight in front of the park bench.

EJ Roberts Park Location

From downtown North Bend or I90 Exit 31 take Bendigo Boulevard to E. 4th Street.  From 4th, turn left on Ballarat.  Then turn right on SE 114th which turns into 6th.  The park is on the right.