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Erika Laureano Design Seed Collection March 2019

Erika Laureano Design is a hand crafted jewelry line designed and created by Erika Laureano. The focus is always on color and texture. Within the line there is an array of necklaces, earrings, statement cuffs and wrist wraps, and rings.

Erika spent ten years at Nordstrom in Customer Service before taking metalsmithing and jewelry classes and starting her own business.  She values her customers above all and loves connecting with them.  If you visit the Studio, expect a warm friendly greeting and engaging conversation.

About Erika

Erika Laureano
Erika Laureano

Erika Laureano was born in Hartford, Connecticut. She grew up in the New England area, surrounded by art and inspiration. Her fascination began when watching her mother, an artist and painter, work with enormous canvases in her attic studio; remembering tubes of brightly colored paints, various brushes and tools sparked her interest of the arts. She spent the remainder of her childhood behind-the-scenes at her mother’s art and framing galleries, meeting remarkable artists and learning about their individual experiences.

Erika went on to attend Virginia Commonwealth University, with a focus in fashion design as well as ceramics, painting and figurative drawing. After graduating with a bachelor’s associate degree in Fashion Design, Erika attended Lorenzo di Medici in Florence and the University per Staneri in Perugia, Italy. There she continued to study language, art history, figurative drawing and painting. Surrounded by an abundance of 15th and 16th century art throughout her time in Italy fueled her captivation with its rich colors, flowing lines, dramatic history and presentations. Eventually, she returned to the United States and traveled to New York City to work with various menswear and women’s couture designers. During that time, she furthered her abilities and honed her skills in the fashion design industry.

At Seattle’s very own Danaca Design, a metalworking and jewelry fabrication studio founded in 2003, Erika become proficient with metalsmithing techniques and continued her education over the next nine years. In that period, she perfected her craft, studied the concept of jewelry design and acquired a new vocabulary in the arts. She was also able to learn from the creative techniques from some of the nation’s top renowned jewelry artists.

Soon after, Erika opened her first retail location in downtown North Bend, Washington. It is there that she continues to gain additional insight, establish new relationships within the jewelry industry and meet one-on-one with her clientele. Each year brings new opportunities and evolution.

Her work is found in over a dozen locations throughout Washington State. She has established her name and business in a number of galleries, museum shops in Seattle and is expanding across country in similar venues.

To date, Erika has succeeded due to her strength, perseverance, training, and talent. She worked hard to develop her distinctive style, became a business-owner, even held a board position on the Seattle Metals Guild. When she is not in the studio/store front, she appears at craft shows and art exhibitions. Her most important task is being a loving mother to her wonderful children.

Design Studio

The design studio, located in downtown North Bend, offers handcrafted, unique, and one of a kind jewelry. Erika crafts the jewelry out of precious and semi precious metals along with rare stones. She creates and sells an assortment of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Additionally, customers can make appointments for custom jewelry.  Erika also performs certain repairs inside the studio.  Customers can see her latest designs and her large abstract mixed oil paintings when they visit her studio.  Some paintings are also for sale.


The downtown North Bend store is Erika’s first retail location, opening in 2018.  The store is open Wednesdays through Sundays.  Store hours in summers are subject to change based on Erika’s summer show schedule