Fall City Wallaby Ranch


When thinking of Washington, wallabies probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. But in Fall City, they are there and open for guests to view and adore in this 10 acre wallaby paradise. The Fall City Wallaby Ranch is a USDA Licensed Breeder of top quality Grey and Albino Bennetts Wallabies and Red Kangaroos.  They also provide educational tours and programs (private and public) and take great pride in presenting it in an entertaining way. It’s owned by Rex and Tawny Paperd, a duo that loves and cares for the wallabies.

Fall City Wallaby Ranch Tours

The Fall City Wallaby Ranch offers group tours by creating an advances reservation typically last one to one and a half hours.  The Ranch welcomes school groups as well, and depending on the amount of people per group, the pricing may vary.  It also offers a family program for smaller groups of up to 5 people.  

Tours include an introduction to Macro pods (Kangaroos and Wallabies).  Then the tour group learns more about the developmental period of a baby macropod to an adult. Following the educational talk, the group moves to an “interactive” portion where visitors can see the wallabies.  If lucky (call ahead of time for a confirmation for the curious), visitors can hold a baby wallaby.  During the tour there are many perfect photo opportunities.  Guests often see joeys popping in and out of their mother’s pouches.  To remember the day, the tour group takes home a photograph of one of the ranch’s residents! 

Tours at Fall City Wallaby Ranch
Tours at Fall City Wallaby Ranch

Meet the Wallabies and Kangaroos

They have multiple species of Wallabies, four to be exact.  This includes the Bennettes Wallabies, the Albino Bennettes Wallabies, the common Wallaroos, and the Red Kangaroos. Find out more about their current residents by visiting their website.   Each Macropod appears along with some cute personality quirks.  Here are some sample descriptions:


Vanessa is our beloved little girl known as our “Cessna” for the way that she holds her little ears straight out sideways instead of upright.  Nessy is the full and successive sister to Victoria Secret.   Like Vickie, she dearly loves to be held and cuddled. Vanessa loved her pouch and slept in it, hanging on our headboard, until she was over 20 pounds.  Vanessa is also paired with Thor and produced a stunning little girl with the same habit of holding her ears horizontally. We were so taken with Nessy’s little Cessna eared baby girl that we named her Veronica and kept her selfishly for ourselves!!

Velvi Roo

Wallaby Ranch Velvi Roo
Wallaby Ranch Velvi Roo

Velvi Roo is always to be remembered for her love of speed.  Not to disappoint, Velvi ran daily through the house from the bedroom through the hallway and around the chairs in the living room.  She was up at exactly 5am every morning begging to exit the bedroom and get back to her beloved open spaces.  Velvi is incredibly sweet and loves to be the center of attention, just like her Mommy and her Mommy before her!!!


Minnie was adopted by the Fall City Wallaby Ranch in April of 2009 to join Kangaroo Country as a long overdue wife for the Mickster.  Minnie came to us less than eight months old and under four pounds.  Her description was the most adorable baby Wallaroo ever, “a perfect fit for the Fall City Wallaby Ranch”….. so how could we resist.  Minnie became an immediate resident in our bed…. because she just hated hanging on the headboard.  Minnie has the most adorable cuddling nature with a spitfire personal presence.  She promises to become a perfect match for the dominant attitude she will deal with in Mickey.


Collage of Juno Fall City Wallaby Ranch
Collage of Juno Fall City Wallaby Ranch

Juno arrived at the Fall City Wallaby Ranch in June of 2009, accompanied by her smitten boy-toy Jasper as you met him above!!  She is an absolutely gorgeous and equally loving little Girl, born in December of 2007.  One and One half years old when she arrived, Juno took over the job of “Resident Princess” of “Kangaroo Country” at the Fall City Wallaby Ranch instantly.  Juno was apprehensive for a couple of days after her arrival, then became Daddy’s Baby Girl.   She comes running to greet as soon as she hears our voices.  Juno showed her approval of her new home by shocking us by bearing a first beautiful baby of her own on June 25th, 2009.  This was just over a month after her introduction here in Kangaroo Country.  Juno happily shares her babies with all who tour The Fall City Wallaby Ranch.  It goes without saying that we are incredibly proud to have Juno AND her bounding boy toy Jasper at the Fall City Wallaby Ranch!!

Location of Fall City Wallaby Ranch

Find the Fall City Wallaby Ranch on SE Fish Hatchery Road just off of Highway 202 between Fall City and Snoqualmie Falls.  The lower viewing platform for Snoqualmie Falls is at the end of Fish Hatchery Road so you can plan a visit to see wallabies and visit Snoqualmie Falls at the same time.  Drive by the Fall City Airport which is one of the Twin Peaks filming locations.  The Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course is also next door.