Francesco Ristorante Italiano


Francesco Ristorante Italiano is a delicious Italian restuarant on the Snoqualmie Ridge.  Just up the hill from the center of Snoqualmie and Snoqualmie Falls, it is the perfect place for dinner with family or friends.  Francesco also accommodates large parties for lunch and dinner 7 days a week.

In March, 2019 Francesco Ristorante Italiano took over the old Brunello’s with authentic Italian cuisine, a brand new menu, and weekly specials.  Francesco’s offers cooking classes, kid’s night on Sundays, 50% off the wine list on Mondays, as well as a Vegan and Vegetarian menu.  The customer reviews since the new owners took over have been excellent.

Also, the food and service at Francesco’s is quite terrific.  No matter what you order off their menu, everything will taste fresh and extremely flavorful. This restaurant gives you the perfect amount of food. The pasta is coated in delicious homemade sauce.  If you are craving more food at the end of the meal, the tiramisu and gelato for dessert are extremely special.   

Francesco Ristorante Italiano Location

Francesco’s is located on Snoqualmie Ridge, only 2.5 miles from Snoqualmie Falls, the Northwest Railway Museum and the center of Snoqualmie.  The parking is easy and free in the nearby area.