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Twin Peaks:

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Twin Peaks (Pilot Episode)

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with me

Great Northern Hotel Exterior (Salish Lodge and Spa)

A destination for any fan of Twin Peaks, Snoqualmie Falls sums up the tone of the show; ancient, mysterious, and large. In reality it’s a small pleasant hike with the Salish Lodge and Spa nearby along with a stunning view of the waterfall. In the show, its the Great Northern Hotel (exteriors, the interiors are at Kiana Lodge) and they take great care in recognizing the cult favorite.

Although the what’s shown in the show is the exterior of the building, this doesn’t stop the Salish Lodge and Spa from celebrating the show. They feature Twin Peaks goodies such as Twin Peaks inspired knick knacks, coffee, cherry pie filling, log pillows, and more. The lodge is a functional hotel, so if one is a guest, renting room 315 may not be out of the question.

Great Northern Hotel Room 315
Great Northern Hotel Room 315

Twin Peaks Scenes Filmed Here

Some of the Twin Peaks scenes filmed at the Salish Lodge and Spa are:

In all seasons, there are various exterior shots of the Great Northern Hotel, some including the Falls and others not.  There are several shots of the hotel’s roadside sign.  

In the Pilot Episode,  Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) leaves the Great Northern to go to school and gets into a Mercedes.  

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