North Bend Outlets

North Bend Premium Outlets is an hour away from Seattle and has name brands along with amazing sales. Here you can find sales at 50% to 80% off, even on already marked down items. There are 50 stores which are name brands or retail chains in the premium outlets. Coach, Nike, Reebok, Van Heusen, Gap, and Skechers are a few of the brands in the outlets. There is also a subway and the Mongolian grill. This is a great place to shop and browse when visiting North Bend. There is a huge parking lot and always space when you stop by.  North Bend Outlets is a great place to take friends and family that are visiting North Bend.  Some of the major stores inside are described below.

Nike Factory Store

Nike Factory Store at North Bend Outlets
Nike Factory Store at North Bend Outlets

In the Nike Factory Store, you will be able to buy shoes at clothing at a discount off their original price. The shoes are priced very well and is a great place to buy many shoes. The store has clearance racks which have discounted Nike clothing. In the clearance racks, you will be able to find shirts, shorts, and shoes at a affordable price. If you are willing to spend time looking through the gear, you can find great deals on Nike gear!

The staff is generally helpful and customer service is exceptional. If you need to make a return without a receipt, they won’t give you any hassle. The people there make it really easy to return items which is unexpected. If you are big fan of Nike gear, stop and check this place out.

Loft Outlet

Clearance at the Loft Outlet

This outlet is located near the Subway sandwich shop in the North Bend Premium Outlet. This store is relatively new and it is a great addition to the mall which is primarily dominated by sport apparel shops, clothing stores, and a few teen and kitchen shops. This an the Gap Outlet nearby are the only outlet shop in this complex devoted to women clothing.

Even if you do not purchase anything in Loft, you will definitely like their style. The outlet shops has a huge variety of current clothes in tons of colors and style. If you shop during a holiday, there will be larger than usual discounts at Loft like most of stores in this outlet mall. If you usually shop at Loft, you should check out this outlet store.

Gap Outlet

North Bend Outlets - Shop Gap Outlet in North Bend Premium Outlets
North Bend Outlets - Shop Gap Outlet

This Gap Outlet is in the North Bend Premium Outlets complex. You don’t need a great sense of style in order for Gap to fit your needs. The price savings along with the outlet will make you happy when you enter. The same Gap clothes that you can purchase online, will usually be sold for cheaper here. If you like Gap, you’ll love the Gap Outlet!


North Bend Outlets - Coach
Limited Edition Pac Man at Coach

If you love the Coach brand, this outlet is right for you! Like all Coach items, the leather goods are top notch here. The bags and wallets may not be the current season, but who cares? Coach piece are designed to last, so it is not a big deal if you see year old items. Prices here are still high, but are discounted and if you go on holiday weekends, there will be even further discounts.

In the clearance section of Coach, you will be able to find discounted piece that seem like bargains. Also, the sales folks here are really nice and helpful, they greet you when you enter, they assist you in finding what you want, they calculate prices for you, and they wrap up and bag your purchases. In the Coach outlet you will have a wonderful experience!


Zumiez at North Bend Outlets
Zumiez at North Bend Outlets

This Zumiez in the North Bend Premium Outlets will be arguably one of the best stores that you’ve ever been to. The manager and other staff give great service and will help you find whatever you want. If you ever want anything from Zumiez, I recommend that you come this outlet in order to get the best deals of any store around!

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