Olallie State Park

Hike to Twin Falls in Ollalie State Park


Renowned for its waterfalls, Olallie State Park is a perfect place to kick off the hiking season. Its moderate trails lead to the popular Twin Falls, Weeks Falls, and other cascading waterfalls. The trail also lead to the remains of a massive landslide to Cedar Butte.

Mountain bikers may ride the 20-mile-long Olallie Trail which climbs more than 3000 feet and provides stunning views of the Snoqualmie Valley. There are days of activities in four different cliff areas for mountain climbers. The routs have technical ratings of 5.5 to 5.13b

Twin Falls. Photo by @ridoyee

Hikers and cyclists can reach Palouse to Cascades Trail from the Cedar Fall trailhead. Rewarding fishing can be found on the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River.

This park is within 45 minutes of Seattle and lies on the Western Slope of the Cascade Mountains. The park has several trailheads and offers a landscape of powerful falls, forest, sweeping views, and a rushing river.

Olallie State Park Features

Olallie State Park is a 2,329 acre park east of Seattle. It offers 6 miles of moderate hiking trails, fishing, cliffs, rock climbing opportunities, and access to the long distance Palouse to Cascades Park Trail.


In 1950, Washington purchased the 160 acre parcel that became Twin Falls State Park from Puget Sound Power and Light. The park expanded in 1976, and the in 1977, the name was changed to Olallie which is the Chinook word for salmonberry. There was an abundance of salmonberries in the area of the park. The Old Snoqualmie Wagon Road, completed in 1867, passes through the picnic area of the park. In 1905, the first automobile drove over the old wagon road and the Sunset Highway gradually replaced the old road afterwards.

Olallie State Park South Fork Snoqualmie River
Snoqualmie River along Olallie State Park. Photo by @tinks1963

Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me Filming Locations at Olallie State Park

Several filming locations from Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me and Season 3 are located in Olallie State Park.  These are all located near the South Fork Picnic Area and the Ranger Station there.  Parking requires Discover Pass.  The address is 51350 SE Homestead Valley Rd, North Bend WA 98045.

Filming locations which can be seen there include:

  1. Wind River – Location where body of Teresa Banks is found floating in the river
  2. Deer Meadow Sheriff Station (Ranger’s House Olallie State Park)
  3.  Jackrabbit’s Palace.
  4. Meadow Mountain.  Backdrop of Olallie Peak behind the Sheriff’s station
  5. Jerry Horne’s Tree.  
  6. Steven Burnett’s suicide tree.  
  7. Steven and Gersten’s tree (Twin Peaks The Return Season 3)
  8. The Portal that Naido and Bad Cooper enter through (Twin Peaks The Return Season 3)
  9. Steven Burnett Suicide Tree
  10. Woods where Cooper walks with Laura

Wind River

The river where Teresa Bank’s body is found floating

GPS Co-ordinates: 47.436862 -121.654223

The filming location for Wind River is located in the Olallie State Park in North Bend, WA. The location is just behind the Ranger’s Station (which was the Deer Meadow Sheriff Station filming location) at the South Fork Picnic Area.  If you go behind the building you will see a small path that leads down to the river (not the Weeks Falls Trail). Follow this until you reach the water.  This spot on the South Fork Snoqualmie River was used to film the scene.  The river makes close to a 90 degree turn at this point.

Deer Meadow Sheriff Station (Olallie State Park Ranger Station)

Where Agents Chet Desmond and Sam Stanley go to collect Teresa Banks’s body

GPS Co-ordinates: 47.435713 -121.654769

The Ranger Station next to the picnic area parking lot is the filming location for Deer Meadow Sheriff Station.

If you walk to the back of the Ranger Station you will see where the scene of Agent Chet Desmond and Sheriff Cable fighting was filmed (it was a deleted scene from Fire Walk With Me.)

If you walk to the front of the building, you can see where Agents Desmond and Stanley left from after examining Teresa Banks’s body (the side building).  The side building has changed a lot since 1991.  It looks as though a building has been removed and a carport has been added in its place.

Jack Rabbit's Palace (Olallie State Park Weeks Falls Trail)

Jack Rabbit’s Palace is the place Major Briggs took Bobby to as a child….

GPS Co-ordinates: 47.436136 -121.653321

Park at the South Fork Picnic Area of the Olallie State Park in North Bend, WA (requires Discover Pass).  When you park your car, you will see a Ranger Station (the filming location for the Deer Meadow Sheriff Station from Fire Walk With Me).  Walk to the back of the Ranger Station and you will see the Weeks Falls trail leading into the woods.  Along this trail you will find filming locations for Jack Rabbit’s Palace, the Portal where Naido and Bad Cooper come out of/go in to, and Steven and Gersten’s Tree. 

The filming location for Jack Rabbit’s Palace is pretty close to the beginning of the trail on the side of the walking path that is opposite of the river.  The trail is only 0.7 miles long to the Weeks Falls viewing area.   The path divides into two at one point, one path being closer to the river, the other more inland, but they both converge again and take you to the falls.  Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me filming sites are along the trail that was more inland.

Meadow Mountain

Deer Meadow Mountain is seen in the Chet and Sam farewell scene in Fire Walk with me…

GPS Co-ordinates: 47.435713 -121.654769

If you look back at where you car is parked in the picnic area lot, you will see the mountain that was used as the Deer Meadow Mountain.


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