Pro Ski and Mountain Service


Pro Ski and Mountain Service is a premier ski and mountain shop in North Bend. The shop has nearly two decades of retail and mountain guiding experience. In addition, they offer top notch gear, product design, and exceptional customer experience. The employees all have on thing in common, they enjoy sharing their passion of the mountains with everyone that enters.

Furthermore, Pro Ski and Mountain service is one of the best shops near the Seattle area. The company offers info and training sessions on split boarding along with other mountain activities. Moreover, the Pro Guiding Service offers ski, rock, and alpine guiding along with instructional and private trips. The employees are very knowledgeable about everything in the market. They also give crash courses on any information that you want to know when exploring, skiing, or snowboarding in the mountains. Also, the store offers backpacks for back country skiing and snowboarding. It closes at 5 pm and the shop offers split board, ski, and snowboard rentals.

Visit to book tours, helicopter rides, and purchase everything you need for the mountains in Washington.

Alpental Valley Ski Touring with the Pro Guiding Service

Helicopter Tours

Pro Guiding Service offers helicopters tours around the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. One of their tours that includes heli skiing is the Valdez Tour. The Thompson Pass area is one of their favorite ski mountaineering areas in the entirety of the U.S. On this tour there are wild and spectacular mountains which are easy to summit on skis. Additionally, the tour is a unique Pacific Northwest experience due to exceptional salmon dinners in the town of Valdez. Furthermore, adventurous tourists are able to ride in helicopters to the ski destinations around Valdez.