Remlinger Farms


Remlinger Farms started out as a small family run farm and fruit stand and slowly emerged into the family fun park, market, and company picnic site. This family friendly establishment often has seasonal events like the Country Fair Park that features over 25 rides and attractions, Fall Harvest Pumpkin Festivals, and Toddler Weekdays! If ever on the look for tasty and nutritious treats, sweets, and meals, then the Farm Market and Northwest Craft Show is available.

Country Fair Fun Park

The Country Fair Fun Park is exactly what it sounds like. Remlinger Farms offers a great variety of over 25 rides and attractions geared especially towards to children. To enjoy all the benefits and an overall unlimited great day of fun of amazing rides, live entertainment and attratctions, all that is required is a low entry price which includes the “Remlinger Farm for the Full Day.”

Over 25 Rides and Attractions

Some of the rides include

  • Tolt River Railroad Steam Train Ride – This half-sized steam train will take you along the Tolt River, around the Remlinger Farms property and past 4-H animal enclosures.
  • Remlinger Farms Roller Coaster – This deluxe kid size roller coaster is big enough for thrills as it twists and turns at the Country Fair.
  • 4-H Animal Barnyard – Come see our large variety of farm animals, including goats, horses, piggies, cows, alpaca, sheep, bunnies, and donkeys!
  • Antique Car & Country Driving Adventure – Kids drive our antique cars around a safe, railed track. These are the actual miniature Ford Model T cars (circa 1900) created for the ’62 Seattle World’s Fair.
  • Flying Pumpkin Rides – For both kids and parents, your flying pumpkin with bob up and down and all around!
  • Canoe River – Kids float their own canoes on our river dreaming of exploring the wild northwest!
  • Pedal Cars – The kids will not believe our pedal car track, with twists and turns, and even a bridge high above the track.

Remlinger Farms also offer a time specifically towards energetic toddler throughout the year called Toddler Weekdays. A time where the farm experience is tailored towards your little ones while the big ones are at school. – The following activities are open:


  • El Paso Tiny Tot Train

  • Crazy Corn

  • Carousel

  • Ferris Wheel


  • Farm Animals

  • Hay Maze and Hay Jump

  • Sand Lot Diggety Diggers

  • Stagecoach Climb and Play

A Petting Zoo with Cute and Friendly Animals


Ripe and Decious, Ready for Picking!

Remlinger Farms isn’t just a farm in name and it’s good to be reminded in the day where raspberries, strawberries, and pumpkins are in season! Proudly awarded the the Macaroni Kid Gold Daisy Award Winner – Best U-Pick – for 2018, Remlinger Farms posts on their homepage when the fruits of their labor is ready to be picked.

* They can only accept cash in our fields

Remlinger Farms are also proud to announce that due to their standard of using only natural fertilizers, their berries are safe to eat straight from the bush. Canning supplies and recipe packets are found in the Farm Market also available for the season.

Containers are provided in field and berries are sold by the pound. Pumpkins are sold by size.

Remlinger Farms will let you know when the fruit is ready to pick
Remlinger Farms Will Let You Know When Fruits are Ready to Pick

As Mother Nature ultimately holds all power over the crops, Remlinger Farms cannot promise exact dates for the harvest. However the standards seem to be as the following-

Raspberries are usually ripe starting around the first week of July and our Raspberry U-Pick fields will be open for approximately a month.

Strawberries are usually ripe starting around the first weeks of June and our Strawberry U-Pick fields will be open approximately for a month.

Pumpkin U-Pick will be open every weekend starting September 28th from 10 to 6 until Halloween. Additionally, the U-Pick fields will be open every Friday starting October 8th from 10 to 3.

Farm Market and Northwest Craft Showcase

A Selection of Fresh Produce

Remlinger Farms is no stranger to the concept of rustic comfort and down home cooking. As if offering a wide selection of farm fresh fruits and vegetables (either grown on sight or from nearby farms) is not delicious enough, the Farm market also offers a great deal on bulk bags of rice, oats, pop corn and much more!

Remlinger Farms practices sustainable agriculture They strive to ultimately use the lowest impact treatments for pests whilst taking care into maintaining a healthy and fertile soul through a combination of winter cover crops, crop rotation, and the use of organic fertilizers.

Famous Remlinger Farms Homemade Pies

Try out some of the famous Remlinger Farms’ Pies! Homemade and frozen to preserve freshness, Remlinger Farms carefully follows original family recipe using only wholesome ingredients. With no less than 2 pounds of real, whole berries and thick sliced fruit in each pie, there is no room for preservatives, fillers or corn syrup.

Flavors of Pies

  • Apple Blackberry
  • Blueberry
  • Boysenberry
  • Bumbleberry (mix of Boysenberries, Raspberries, and Blueberries) (regular and NSA)
  • Cherry (regular and NSA)
  • Dutch Apple
  • Granny Smith Apple (regular and NSA)
  • Marion Blackberry (regular and NSA)
  • Peach (regular and NSA)
  • Peach Raspberry
  • Raspberry
  • Rhubarb
  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry Rhubarb (regular and NSA)
  • In the fall and winter, watch for our Pumpkin and Holiday pies!
Enjoy the Taste of Remlinger Farms at Home
Enjoy the Taste of Remlinger Farms at Home

If aching for a Remlinger Pie is too much but the farm is too far, fret not as the following places carries the pies and some frozen fruits.

Available in These Stores

  • QFC
  • Whole Foods
  • Albertsons
  • Thriftways
  • Metropolitan Markets
  • PCC
  • Western WA Co-ops
  • Town and Country
  • and many other fine grocery stores throughout Western Washington and Northern Oregon.

Remlinger Farms Company Picnics

Beautiful Day for a Picnic

If looking for a great place to hold a company picnic or a private party, Remlinger Farms offer a place for every one enjoy the beautiful landscape and well trained personnel. The property can hold up from 100 guest to 5000 at a time. Ensuring for the best experience, Remlinger Farms will assist through all parts of the project, from set up to clean-up. Just choose the picnic menu and activities that suits the event and guests!

An important note to remember is that the weather may be different in comparison to the surrounding regions as Seattle or Bellevue, not only because of the distance but also because of the lush valley. Worry not for misfitting weather, as Remlinger Farms run in both rain and shine, although may need to close selected rides should the weather get too unfavorable for the safety of all. The markets and restaurants are indoors whilst the Country Fair Fun Park and U-pick fields are outside.


When you are ready to make your plans, to check on available dates, or simply to receive more information, please call Beth Marcey, the director of the Remlinger Farms planning team:

Phone: 425-333-4135 ext. 302

FAX: 425-333-4373

Remlinger Farms Location

Remlinger Farms is a short 25 minute 11.5 mile drive from Snoqualmie Falls down Highways 202 and 203 to Carnation.  It’s only 30 minutes and 14 miles from North Bend.