Ronette’s Bridge


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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with me

Look for Ronette Graffitti on Reinig Bridge
Look for Ronette Graffitti on Reinig Bridge


Ronette Walking Across Bridge After Laura Palmer's Murder
Ronette Walking Across Bridge After Laura Palmer's Murder

One of the more haunting and iconic scenes of the show was when poor Ronette swayed across the bridge walking back into Twin Peaks the day after the murder of Laura Palmer.

The bridge crossing the Snoqualmie River used to be part of a railroad track.  Now the track is gone and now is part of the Snoqualmie Valley Regional Trail.  The bridge and railroad going over the road is also gone.  

An arsonist set fire to the bridge in May, 2014.  The fire damaged the stairs and end of the bridge but firefighters got there quickly to save the bridge.  It’s since been repaired and is fully usable for the pathway. 

In Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, after Leland picks Laura up from Donna’s and before the One Armed Man accosts them at the intersection in front of Mo’s Motors, you see a car pass under the railroad track that passed over the road on a bridge.  This section of railroad no longer exists but you can see where it would have connected from the bridge straight across the road and among the trees. There is still some of the unused railroad visible in the forest.  There is a set of steps to climb up onto the bridge for the Regional Trail hikers.

The moments featured in the show may have been short, but fans of the Twin Peaks will keep it in their long term memory.

Ronette's Bridge Location

Ronette's Bridge Snoqualmie
Ronette's Bridge Snoqualmie

The bridge is open to the public on 396th Dr. and SE Reinig Rd, Snoqualmie.  It crosses the Snoqualmie River just below where the three forks of the river come together to make one river.  Cross the bridge from Reinig Road into the Three Forks Natural Area.  There is an off leash dog park just over the bridge!