Santa Train


The Santa Train, along with being popular throughout three generations since 1969, is a grand steam train ride that lasts around two hours as round trip journey from North Bend to Snoqualmie and back.

What to expect on the Santa Train

The actual ride to the destination is 20 minutes, perfect timing for children to enjoy and appreciate before potentially getting impatient and wiggly. After the first half of the journey, people have the opportunity to disembark at Snoqualmie Depot and enjoy refreshments such as cookies and a choice between a cozy hot cocoa or coffee from the kitchen car of the railway.

This is where guests can meet Santa with his seasonally decorated room. He always has some small gift to give to the children along with an ear to listen of their Christmas wishes. The opportunity to take photos will be high as the lovely decorations in the 1890’s Depot and Father Christmas’s beautiful Victorian outfit compliment each other so nicely. Not only is Santa going to be there for the guests, but there is also access to the local holiday tree farms along with many other unique shopping experiences.
Santa and Helpers for Santa Train
Santa and Friends in their beautiful Victorian outfits
Because the tickets for the train are purchased in advanced, there are no fear in overcrowding train cars or seating. But be careful, as the seats reserves fill up quick! Please check their website for the available dates. There is the option of signing up online and the railway museum will mail the ticket to your home; but if it’s within two weeks of the event then the ticket will be available to pick up on the day of the event.

We are here

Unlike many of the other Northwest Railway Museum train rides, the Santa Train starts in North Bend.  Santa will be waiting at the Snoqualmie Depot along with refreshments and Christmas themed shopping experiences.