Sigillo Cellars

Sigillo Cellars is a hidden gem in the heart of Snoqualmie and would be a great paired with a trip to the Railway Museum or Snoqualmie Falls. Their wine is amazing and is quite underrated.  There are tastings until 5 pm and happy hours after that.  There is a small but tasty menu and some evenings they even have bands. The staff here are also friendly and knowledgeable about the wine.

Sigillo Cellars Packed House Watching Trailer Park Casanovas
Sigillo Cellars Packed House Watching Trailer Park Casanovas


Sigillo Cellars is a lovely local winery that was built from the love of family, friends, and of course, wine. Starting out as passionate consumers in 2010 in their garage, the Sigillo Cellar family quickly grew in size and production. With a recent addition to the property, a family friendly tasting room as well as a new outdoor seating area with a gorgeous view of Mt. Si, Sigillo Cellars ensures to maintain the belief that wine should be experienced, not just tasted.

Sigillo Cellars 2
Classy and tasetful packaging - matching the wine

Sigillo Cellars offers a tasteful experience, in both their wine and providing live music. If ever in doubt, just take a look at the overwhelming amount of rewards they gathered in their young life; four time champion for “Best of Snoqualmie Winery,” 21 awards from “SavorNW,” and 6 medals in the “Seattle Wine Awards.”

Sigillo Cellars Howl-O-Ween Yappy Hour
Sigillo Cellars Howl-O-Ween Yappy Hour. Happens just before Halloween.

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