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Singletrack Cycles is the perfect mix of small town laid back and up-to date professionals.  Their service turnaround is less than most bike shops closer in to town and prices are reasonable.  They really care that their customers ride the bike that most suits them and in tip-top condition.  The staff is extremely knowledgeable and they have a huge selection of bikes,  parts, accessories, and apparel.  They don’t hard sell you! They take the time to answer questions, teach you a few things about your bike, and go out of their way to help you.  When your bike or parts are ready or your service is complete, you’ll promptly receive a text message.

Singletrack Cycles has been a fixture in the Snoqualmie Valley way before it become on of Washington’s premier mountain biking shops. Founded in downtown Snoqualmie in 1994, Singletrack Cycles has been the areas leading full-service bike shop. The shop has a history of giving back to the area that it calls home.

Owners Diane and Loren Morris purchased the store in 2000 and four years later, the shop moved its location to downtown North Bend. Their retail space nearly tripled and the store became the top local dealer for Trek and Specialized bikes. Erik Alston along with his wife Stephanie then acquired the store in 2016.   The new owners extensively remodeled the store.  They even have a website with a page dedicated to rides in the North Bend Area complete with videos and photos.

Singletrack Cycles
Single Track Cycles

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Singletrack Cycles Location

The shop is located right in Downtown North Bend on North Bend Way near the corner of Bendigo.  It’s right in between the Iron Duck Public House, the North Bend Bakery, and Twede’s Cafe.  If you can’t find parking out front, you’ll likely find it on the alley next to the tracks in back of the shop.  Then come on in through the rear entrance!